Monday, September 10, 2007

Coffee...good. Keep...awake...long time.

Last week I attended the first of what will be three weeks of Bible classes, and it was awesome. Everything was in Spanish and learned a lot. For the first couple of days I understood about 90% of what was said, but that percentage, along with the hours I slept, dropped every day thereafter. Let's just say that I consumed more coffee in the last week than the previous 26 years. Did I mention that I learned a lot, too?

Oh yeah, and there was a pool.

And I played soccer for the second, third, and fourth times in my life.

This afternoon I had an interesting conversation with a very eccentric Jehovah's Witness. I had just told my friend JJ that I was disappointed because I still felt like I can't really communicate who I am in Spanish--you know heart stuff--when this guy approached us and started telling us these crazy "bible" stories. JJ has known him for quite awhile, but I just met him for the first time. It was fun to have a spirited conversation with him in Spanish and I hope to talk with him again sometime.

But I still feel like my spanish needs to improve a butt-load.

Well, it's time to call the Padres (my family, not the baseball team) so I better bid you all farewell.

Today I'm thankful that my Dad sent me his phone number so I can call him. I'm starting to forget some things that I never thougth were possible.