Saturday, March 01, 2008

He is speaking to us, we should be listening

Here is recent journal entry. As you will be able to tell, I have been thinking a lot about creation, and how God is not just telling us that He exists, but that He is a person and wants to be in a relationship with us. Sounds cliché, and probably is, but it is what I have been learning. Here it goes:

God is constantly talking to us. "The heavens declare the glory of God..." psalm 19; "His glory covers all the earth..." some other psalm; "All creation groans..." Romans 8; "If they do not praise me, then the rocks themselves would cry out..." Jesus in the triumphal entry.

The noise of the city is suffocating me. I long to be in Gods )I dont know how to make an apostrophe on this keyboard...or both parentheses) creation, just to hear what He is saying through it. The people here are too caught up in development to listen to it. They are still too young and immature in the process of modernization to have learned that having whatever you want doesnt make you happy. But someday they will.

...When we feel the suns rays beaming down on us, it is gods love that warms us, not the suns heat. When we wake up to a world freshly covered in the white and purity of a snow that only a winters night produces, it is not the cold that sends us a sharp chill, but the recognition of Gods holiness and our sin. The vast expanse of stars and moon remind us of our seeming insignificance, yet their light cuts through the darkness to say, "you are uniquely made, and important." The thunder and lightning of Gods justice and wrath make way for the tears of mercy He sheds, as the rain calls us back to Him and the new life that He offers.

Yes, all creation is proclaiming His praise and inviting us to join in. How I long to feel the touch of the garments with which He clothes the lilies, and sing the praise of His provision along with the sparrows, but for now I will have to settle for the small patch of green that lies in front of this café. The cars and buildings and pollution are screaming with all their might, but the rays of His love warm me amidst the noise. And they will suffice until I can take up a handful of the dark, moist earth in my hand, and, like Thomas, feel and believe.

Sorry for the two month hiatus. Today I am thankful for...eveything.